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Close-up of the Parlor Car 64

Parlor Car 64

In 1900, Oahu Railway & Land Co. founder, Benjamin F. Dillingham, had Parlor/Observation Car No. 64 designed and built especially for himself. No. 64 was the showpiece of the OR&L's rolling stock.

Built in Honolulu at a cost of $4,388.24, it had a double-size rear platform surrounded by ornate iron grillwork and protected from the sun by fluted awnings.

Oak, mahogany and birds eye maple created an interior of luxury. The parlor car was fitted with a galley, lavatory, washstand and sideboard. It was used frequently by the OR&L for visiting dignitaries. The most notable guests were members of the Hawaiian royal family. The observation platform offered guests a chance to feel the cool trade winds, as well as giving them a better view of the landscape.

No. 64 has been restored and is available for charter.

Certain restrictions apply. The parlor car is added to the train on the second Sunday of every month. Reservations are required because seating is limited.

Please see our Rides and Fares page for more information.

Images of Parlor Car 64

Rear angle shot of Parlor Car 64 Side shot of Parlor Car 64 Rear shot of Parlor Car 64 Close up shot of windows of Parlor Car 64 Inside shot of Parlor Car 64